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Karim Aktouf

Puncteo FOUNDER, Artist and Engineer

Karim has 20 years of engineering experience in international companies in telecommunications and IT (Ericsson. HP). From full stack software development to solution and enterprise architecture a common denominator that kept him striving is the creative nature of his work; he then worked for strategy and innovation groups, leading tiger teams and interdisciplinary teams, creatively solving challenging problems.

Leading a team in charge of coming up with the new Strategy Leadership Framework for Ericsson’s Strategy Group, It naturally brought him to perform extensive research in the field of creativity.

As an artist (Karim is an advanced student at the Montreal' Fine-Arts Academy), he realized that the creative process is strikingly similar regardless of the field and, with a growth mindset and beginner’s mind, it can be taught and learned.

Karim has animated creative workshops for research and strategy groups in corporations as well as for University teachers and research teams.

Karim also teaches The Art of Creativity at the Student Services of the University of Montréal.

Puncteo was born from Karim’s diverse experiences and his undeniable passion for creativity in general and what makes teams and collaborative humans more creative.


Ingrid Verduyckt, PhD

Professor, Researcher

Ingrid has a multifaceted background as an art and music loving voice therapist. Brought up in Belgium, Sweden and France, she holds a Masters degree in Speech Language Pathology from the University of Lund, Sweden, and a PhD in Psychology and educational sciences from the University of Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. She holds a Professor position at the University of Montreal since 2014.

As a professor and a researcher, Ingrid develops innovative ways of co-constructing and transfer knowledge. The students and the patients that she works with are her primary source of inspiration and her drive to continue finding tools to actively engage people into learning and creating. The interdisciplinary field of research that Ingrid pursues has brought her to develop creative leadership and communicative skills where vulnerability, voice and listening are at the centre.

Ingrid has animated workshops in audience engagement for academia and creative workshops for research teams.