“To create is to live twice.”

- Albert Camus

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If your job is to solve problems, you need to be creative

How easy is it for an individual, an organization or a business to fall into the traps that hinder creativity ? What favours creativity ? Puncteo can help you improve the individual and collective creativity of your organization so you can bring to life innovative rather than derivative solutions in today’s constantly changing landscapes.


You can improve
your creativity


Learn to be more creative

With a growth mindset, a beginner’s mind, sufficient effort and dedication, anything can be learned. Puncteo, through its service offering, can help you and assist your in climbing the creativity learning curve.


Service Offering


A well documented, creative and entertaining conference on the fascinating world of creativity. What hinders it ? What favours it?

Team Building

A 3.5 hours team building workshop designed to bring your team closer together while creatively working on a concrete problem they have collectively decided to tackle.


An 8 hours workshop to help understand the fundamental pillars of the creative process and what makes it so unique, yet so universal.


Need a creative way to present findings ? Approach the problem at hand from different and unexpected angles ? Help with leadership approaches that favours creativity ? Puncteo can help.


“I do not have to be stronger than the other,


I have to be stronger than myself with the help of the other.”


Albert Jacquard


Human synapses* are key

*Maria Popova On Networked Knowledge and Combinatory Creativity

Novelty, originality and creativity derive from what is known. Like a novel idea in the brain’s synapses, what is seen as creative and original is more often than not a unique and novel interconnection between “dots” that already exist. But you can only connect the dots after, so don’t be afraid to explore, to have a beginner’s mind in unfamiliar territories, tapping into different disciplines that may seem unrelated or irrelevant at first.

As such, what is already known comes from other humans and interaction with other humans: from books, collaborations, acquaintances, movies, creations, artworks, papers, etc.

Be creative, connect the World Wide Human Brain’s synapses together!